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Craft Your Mind

Feed Your Mind By Playing Bingo

Increase Thinking Ability

It is a fact that playing bingo increases the concentration of the individual, which in turn increases the thinking ability.

Gain Knowledge

Bingo is not just a game that is played for fun. It is something more than that. It can be a great tool to increase knowledge.

 Makes You Happy

Bingo is not just a game that is played for fun. It is something more than that. It can be a great tool to increase knowledge.

Play on Outing

We don’t confine bingo only with buildings. We organize trips where we can play bingo in other locations.

Gain Exceptional Knowledge

Bingo, if used effectively, can be a great tool to gain knowledge.

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Bingo is a mixture of pure luck and skill

Bingo in Ball

The factor of chance determines the game of bingo. And like any game, there is the existence of risk and presence of skill and luck.  It is a general misconception of the people that bingo is a game purely decided by chance and requires zero or whatsoever form of relevant skill. Luck is determined when your numbers are called, and you win in a line or two, full house or a 75 ball bingo a pattern is completed on a bingo card.

Bingo Sheet

Regardless, it takes a practical strategy to beat the odds not of the bingo house but as against the players in the bingo room. Bingo is an odds game, and several variables are to be considered. It would be utterly ludicrous to enter any game of bingo without prior direction in order to gain that competitive edge over your fellow competitors.

Smart bingo players seek to gain more bingo bucks by taking advantage of every opportunity where a BOGOF offer exists or better yet to enabling you to get three more cards when buying one. Upon doing so, it means there are a more significant amount of cards at play giving you a greater chance of winning.  Fixed or even odds bingo games give each player an equal advantage and fair playing ground where every player has the same and equal amount of cards, no more or no less. Chat games are free of cost and provide good rewards consisting of bingo bucks.

Online Bingo

Size of the room is also another critical determinant to consider. More the amount of players in the bingo room higher will be the odds to win the game. Smaller rooms, on the other hand, mean lesser risk and better odds for the player to declare a bingo. Remember to take full advantage of promotions that offer slashed prices or penny bingo while staying within the strings of your budget won’t lead to breakage of any bank account and purse strings. In order to stay ahead in the game, it is vital to stick on to your budget.

There is more to winning than relying merely on the bingo eye; the player is required for the necessary homework in order to seek out the best promotions, bingo rooms, and bingo games. An experienced and seasoned bingo player is in favor of winning by the combination of a little luck and a whole lot of skills.

Bingo luck and superstitions

Bingo balls

Have you ever noticed that certain people tend to have all the good fortune? Every bingo player may know someone who always strikes dumb luck in winning games no matter what. No one can explain such a thing. But even though a majority of people give up trying to understand lady luck, they still tend to rely on it from time to time. Stated below are some alternative ways that superstitious players avail for good fortune.

Lucky charm

It is a statistical fact that a minimum of at least three out of four individuals carry good luck charms regardless of whether they accept it or not. Majority of students confess that they perform better in their examinations when wearing their lucky socks, unique jewelry or some other kind of lucky charm. Based on the clutter present on the table, one important unwritten rule of lucky charms is that they must be prominently displayed during the game of bingo. You cannot tell what people term as lucky. It could be chains, dice, troll dolls, four leaf clover key chains, gemstones, rabbit’s feet or even small beanbag animals. You name it; you are bound to find it lying on the bingo tables.


Lucky seats

When and if you are a first-timer or beginner to the game of bingo, you should be warned. Why? It is because once you decided on a seat and settled in, there are chances of an irritated or agitated fellow competitor tapping on your shoulder claiming it is their seat and they have been sitting there for many years. It is an excellent option to give up their acclaimed seat and look for your lucky chair. It is an indisputable fact that you cannot identify whether a seat is fortunate for you or another person, but it does reason that when a person is comfortable in his chair, they can concentrate more on the game and tend to enjoy the game better without worrying about misfortune.

Playing in casino

Lucky bucks

Is money considered lucky? It has been observed that some people place their lucky coins in a pattern across the top of their cards. On the other hand, many fear it will bring them bad luck when they leave any money on the table.

Lucky numbers

Your identified lucky numbers may be the other player’s bingo curse.

Facts about Bingo

Bingo ball

History of the Game

The game started around the year 1530 and is originally from Italy during the Renaissance Era. The game can also be traced back to Lo Guioco del Lotto d’italia, which is the Italian national lottery.


The history of Keno

If you know the famous game of keno, then be amazed because Bingo is the origin of the game.

Numerous Winning Combinations

In a general bingo ticket, you can come with more than a million different winning combinations in the game.

One of the most popular game is Bingo

Over 8% of the population is playing the game, and it is definitely the most famous game even in the coldest parts of the world and is also enjoyed by millions.


Bingo Jobs are Increasing

At present, the bingo is a growing industry due to the availability of the bingo sites whereby you can play by your mobile bill, and a combination of new technology along with the Bingo Economy has contributed employment to more than 20,000 people.

The popularity of the Game-

The game rose to popularity by a New York to sale executive in the year 1929. When he saw the game in a fair held in Jackson Georgia, and he went ahead to recreate the game for his friends.

More number Female Players-

According to recent research, there are about 20% of men playing the game bingo while the rest are women at the year 2012 there about 2.5 million female players in UK playing their favorite on online bingo sites.


Duration of the Game-

The game only lasts for three to six minutes.

Bingo Players and their Superstitions-

Bingo players are very superstitious when it comes to playing Bingo. Some go with their lucky chars, lucky numbers, lucky pen and even certain colors of daubers. Some also have their lucky chairs, underwear, and even clothes.

Bingo is known to Relieve Stress and even boost the Brain-

Bingo is well-known to relieve many kinds of stress and even boost the cognitive thinking of the players. A study in Southampton University found that by playing the game it keeps your mind sharp and these players become more mentally agile than non-bingo players.


Used an Educational Tool-

The Germans used a game that is similar to bingo to teach the students about history and how to learn numbers.

The game changed its name from Beano to Bingo-

As it is a boxed game, it was known as Beano in the starting until a female player starting calling it as Bingo.

Gives you as motivation to Play-

Surprisingly, winning jackpots prices has been ranked 5th in why people love playing this game. The main reason people play this game is to have fun and to socialize.

Purple is the preferred Colour-

Most of the player in the game prefer the dauber color to be purple.

Bingo is also used for Charity-

Bingo is the number one game used as a fundraiser for charities in the world.

Tips for online bingo

Online Bingo


If it is your first time playing bingo online, it is a smart idea to keep away from other distractions such as TV, Facebook, and other nuisances.  Seek a quiet spot as it is ideal to help you in familiarizing with patterns, rules and apprehend pace of initial few games. It is smart to keep multitasking to a minimum when indulging in the first few rounds.


Start small, think big

Experienced bingo players are capable of balancing 7-8 cards at a time. As a result of continuous practice, they have developed sharp memory and fast reflexes. Initially, begin with one or two till you gain the pace of the game and later when you feel confident, add another one.

Let the numbers do the talking

Remember to keep an eye out for repetitive numbers. When playing bingo online, occasionally you come across multiple repeating numbers. Your odds of winning decrease if your cards are similar as you spend time waiting for certain numbers that are never called out.

Strive for balance

Experts recommend players to determine those cards with an even balance of high and low numbers along with diversity between even and odd numbers.


Bingo lingo

By assigning nicknames to all numbers, players can be able to remember them better and mark all spaces accordingly. Remembering nicknames for figures is a great skill if you ever find yourself among competitors present in a bingo hall.

Timing is everything

Your chance of winning depends on the time you log in for playing. Evening period sees more players logged in, decreasing odds of winning. Experts recommend slower hours typically in the morning where there is less traffic of players to build up the experience of beginners.

Timing is everything

Keep it interesting

There are plenty of varieties of free bingo rooms and free bingo games. Instead of sticking to the same room and playing there, tend to explore the different rooms until you find your sweet spot.

Keep your cool

It is quite easy to get discouraged from the loss of a round or two. Regardless, remember that every game commences fresh. Tend to stretch, walk or breathe in some fresh air after a loss as it will help you clear your head and fill it with optimism for the next round.

Know your limits

Remember not to go overboard and set boundaries for your gaming to a few hours before calling it a day. This will ensure you don’t miss out on other vital activities to be completed.

Get involved

Free bingo is fun to indulge and serves a platform where everyone can contribute. Do not shy away from joining in on conversations, asking questions and getting to know your fellow bingo players.

Tips for Winning at Bingo

Winning bingo

Set your own rules

Bingo is a fun pastime or hobby and not a for-profit game. So there is no real need to stick to the prescribed rule book completely. It is a good idea to experiment and have a little fun by tweaking the rules a little to make it more fun and exciting. And remember that the best way to win the game is to use your money wisely.


Play within a budget

Do not engage in making Bingo an expensive affair. Only work with what you can afford and stick to it. Never base your win on your past win. In which there is quite a chance that you will lose. Keeping a budget in mind will generate high confidence in you as a player because you are aware of the money in hand and its calculations. It is a good idea to save by cashing in on the bonuses.

What’s your niche?

Each individual is different and does things differently. The same rule applies to the game of Bingo as well. The only way to beat the opponent is to do something different and adopt a strategy of your own. Always pick a  site that best reflects your personality and interest. This will ensure you have the best odds and the chances of you winning are higher.

Experience is key

Practice makes you perfect is the perfect quote in this context. The more you play this game, the more you get accustomed to its ways and means and gain experience in the game. Utilize all the available free trails to get used to the game in the first place before trying your hand at the actual game.

More tickets or not?

The number of tickets you buy depends on how much you’re willing to spend. If money is not much a deal for you or if you are someone who only plays once in a while, then it is a good idea to buy larger numbers of tickets. The reason being, this will increase your chances of winning. If that’s not the case, it is better you stick to buying limited tickets for each game but playing more number of games instead.


Increase the number of chances

Every game of Bingo has different odds, and these are almost impossible to calculate or estimate. However, there are two sure ways to improve each game, and this depends on whether you are looking to win more or earn more money. It is a good idea to play off-peak with a fewer number of players in order to help you win more often. Remember, the lesser the number in the opposition tent, the more the number of your wins and the more money you make over a period of time.

What are the bingo etiquettes?

Bingo Light

There no particular official or a confirmed set of etiquettes to be followed. However, listed below are some general courtesies to follow when playing the game.

Pipe down

This is considered the most important of all such unwritten rules on bingo etiquettes. When you enter the hall, you will notice that every player almost immediately pipes down or maintains silence as soon as the caller gets into business and begins calling out numbers.

Watch out for lucky seats

Certain amounts of players believe in being seated in lucky seats, as it may fuel their chances of winning by sitting in those seats. If you do grab a lucky chair, and someone already claims it is theirs, it is courtesy to follow up on that request.

Don’t be a parrot

Certain players present in the hall have the habit of calling out and repeating the numbers called out. Such methods may help them concentrate but often are quite distracting to other fellow competitors. You can talk till the game starts.

Bingo With paper

Keep the kids quiet

Although everyone may understand why you may bring kids to the game, they will not tolerate unruly children running around and yelling when the game starts as everyone is trying to concentrate. Tend to bring an activity or something of that sort to keep the children occupied.

Do not take your frustrations out on the caller

There have been numerous occasions when players suffering from a losing streak call out the caller and make derisive and sarcastic comments out of anger. The caller does not control the fate of the game. Comments on the callers’ call not being able to be heard or are too loud is allowed. However, if there indeed is a genuine issue with the caller, you can approach the bingo manager.

Think before you call bingo

Remember that calling out bingo without proper proof you gaining a bingo on a card is bound to disrupt the atmosphere of silence and concentration. Calling out aloud false bingos can disrupt the flow of the game. Claiming false bingos can get regular players exasperated with the individual especially when they are on their last sheet.


Only smoke in designated areas

Bingo enthusiasts are often heavy smokers. They see the game of bingo inseparable with smoking cigarettes. Bingo halls are one of the least few establishments in America that allow smoking inside the hall while playing the game. But not all players enjoy the smoke as players who do not enjoy the smoke find it challenging to enjoy the game without being sick, particularly in poorly ventilated halls.