Stephanie Betesh | Bingo luck and superstitions
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Bingo luck and superstitions

Bingo balls

Bingo luck and superstitions

Have you ever noticed that certain people tend to have all the good fortune? Every bingo player may know someone who always strikes dumb luck in winning games no matter what. No one can explain such a thing. But even though a majority of people give up trying to understand lady luck, they still tend to rely on it from time to time. Stated below are some alternative ways that superstitious players avail for good fortune.

Lucky charm

It is a statistical fact that a minimum of at least three out of four individuals carry good luck charms regardless of whether they accept it or not. Majority of students confess that they perform better in their examinations when wearing their lucky socks, unique jewelry or some other kind of lucky charm. Based on the clutter present on the table, one important unwritten rule of lucky charms is that they must be prominently displayed during the game of bingo. You cannot tell what people term as lucky. It could be chains, dice, troll dolls, four leaf clover key chains, gemstones, rabbit’s feet or even small beanbag animals. You name it; you are bound to find it lying on the bingo tables.


Lucky seats

When and if you are a first-timer or beginner to the game of bingo, you should be warned. Why? It is because once you decided on a seat and settled in, there are chances of an irritated or agitated fellow competitor tapping on your shoulder claiming it is their seat and they have been sitting there for many years. It is an excellent option to give up their acclaimed seat and look for your lucky chair. It is an indisputable fact that you cannot identify whether a seat is fortunate for you or another person, but it does reason that when a person is comfortable in his chair, they can concentrate more on the game and tend to enjoy the game better without worrying about misfortune.

Playing in casino

Lucky bucks

Is money considered lucky? It has been observed that some people place their lucky coins in a pattern across the top of their cards. On the other hand, many fear it will bring them bad luck when they leave any money on the table.

Lucky numbers

Your identified lucky numbers may be the other player’s bingo curse.

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