Stephanie Betesh | Facts about Bingo
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Facts about Bingo

Bingo ball

Facts about Bingo

History of the Game

The game started around the year 1530 and is originally from Italy during the Renaissance Era. The game can also be traced back to Lo Guioco del Lotto d’italia, which is the Italian national lottery.


The history of Keno

If you know the famous game of keno, then be amazed because Bingo is the origin of the game.

Numerous Winning Combinations

In a general bingo ticket, you can come with more than a million different winning combinations in the game.

One of the most popular game is Bingo

Over 8% of the population is playing the game, and it is definitely the most famous game even in the coldest parts of the world and is also enjoyed by millions.


Bingo Jobs are Increasing

At present, the bingo is a growing industry due to the availability of the bingo sites whereby you can play by your mobile bill, and a combination of new technology along with the Bingo Economy has contributed employment to more than 20,000 people.

The popularity of the Game-

The game rose to popularity by a New York to sale executive in the year 1929. When he saw the game in a fair held in Jackson Georgia, and he went ahead to recreate the game for his friends.

More number Female Players-

According to recent research, there are about 20% of men playing the game bingo while the rest are women at the year 2012 there about 2.5 million female players in UK playing their favorite on online bingo sites.


Duration of the Game-

The game only lasts for three to six minutes.

Bingo Players and their Superstitions-

Bingo players are very superstitious when it comes to playing Bingo. Some go with their lucky chars, lucky numbers, lucky pen and even certain colors of daubers. Some also have their lucky chairs, underwear, and even clothes.

Bingo is known to Relieve Stress and even boost the Brain-

Bingo is well-known to relieve many kinds of stress and even boost the cognitive thinking of the players. A study in Southampton University found that by playing the game it keeps your mind sharp and these players become more mentally agile than non-bingo players.


Used an Educational Tool-

The Germans used a game that is similar to bingo to teach the students about history and how to learn numbers.

The game changed its name from Beano to Bingo-

As it is a boxed game, it was known as Beano in the starting until a female player starting calling it as Bingo.

Gives you as motivation to Play-

Surprisingly, winning jackpots prices has been ranked 5th in why people love playing this game. The main reason people play this game is to have fun and to socialize.

Purple is the preferred Colour-

Most of the player in the game prefer the dauber color to be purple.

Bingo is also used for Charity-

Bingo is the number one game used as a fundraiser for charities in the world.

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