Stephanie Betesh | Tips for online bingo
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Tips for online bingo

Online Bingo

Tips for online bingo


If it is your first time playing bingo online, it is a smart idea to keep away from other distractions such as TV, Facebook, and other nuisances.  Seek a quiet spot as it is ideal to help you in familiarizing with patterns, rules and apprehend pace of initial few games. It is smart to keep multitasking to a minimum when indulging in the first few rounds.


Start small, think big

Experienced bingo players are capable of balancing 7-8 cards at a time. As a result of continuous practice, they have developed sharp memory and fast reflexes. Initially, begin with one or two till you gain the pace of the game and later when you feel confident, add another one.

Let the numbers do the talking

Remember to keep an eye out for repetitive numbers. When playing bingo online, occasionally you come across multiple repeating numbers. Your odds of winning decrease if your cards are similar as you spend time waiting for certain numbers that are never called out.

Strive for balance

Experts recommend players to determine those cards with an even balance of high and low numbers along with diversity between even and odd numbers.


Bingo lingo

By assigning nicknames to all numbers, players can be able to remember them better and mark all spaces accordingly. Remembering nicknames for figures is a great skill if you ever find yourself among competitors present in a bingo hall.

Timing is everything

Your chance of winning depends on the time you log in for playing. Evening period sees more players logged in, decreasing odds of winning. Experts recommend slower hours typically in the morning where there is less traffic of players to build up the experience of beginners.

Timing is everything

Keep it interesting

There are plenty of varieties of free bingo rooms and free bingo games. Instead of sticking to the same room and playing there, tend to explore the different rooms until you find your sweet spot.

Keep your cool

It is quite easy to get discouraged from the loss of a round or two. Regardless, remember that every game commences fresh. Tend to stretch, walk or breathe in some fresh air after a loss as it will help you clear your head and fill it with optimism for the next round.

Know your limits

Remember not to go overboard and set boundaries for your gaming to a few hours before calling it a day. This will ensure you don’t miss out on other vital activities to be completed.

Get involved

Free bingo is fun to indulge and serves a platform where everyone can contribute. Do not shy away from joining in on conversations, asking questions and getting to know your fellow bingo players.

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