Stephanie Betesh | What are the bingo etiquettes?
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What are the bingo etiquettes?

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What are the bingo etiquettes?

There no particular official or a confirmed set of etiquettes to be followed. However, listed below are some general courtesies to follow when playing the game.

Pipe down

This is considered the most important of all such unwritten rules on bingo etiquettes. When you enter the hall, you will notice that every player almost immediately pipes down or maintains silence as soon as the caller gets into business and begins calling out numbers.

Watch out for lucky seats

Certain amounts of players believe in being seated in lucky seats, as it may fuel their chances of winning by sitting in those seats. If you do grab a lucky chair, and someone already claims it is theirs, it is courtesy to follow up on that request.

Don’t be a parrot

Certain players present in the hall have the habit of calling out and repeating the numbers called out. Such methods may help them concentrate but often are quite distracting to other fellow competitors. You can talk till the game starts.

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Keep the kids quiet

Although everyone may understand why you may bring kids to the game, they will not tolerate unruly children running around and yelling when the game starts as everyone is trying to concentrate. Tend to bring an activity or something of that sort to keep the children occupied.

Do not take your frustrations out on the caller

There have been numerous occasions when players suffering from a losing streak call out the caller and make derisive and sarcastic comments out of anger. The caller does not control the fate of the game. Comments on the callers’ call not being able to be heard or are too loud is allowed. However, if there indeed is a genuine issue with the caller, you can approach the bingo manager.

Think before you call bingo

Remember that calling out bingo without proper proof you gaining a bingo on a card is bound to disrupt the atmosphere of silence and concentration. Calling out aloud false bingos can disrupt the flow of the game. Claiming false bingos can get regular players exasperated with the individual especially when they are on their last sheet.


Only smoke in designated areas

Bingo enthusiasts are often heavy smokers. They see the game of bingo inseparable with smoking cigarettes. Bingo halls are one of the least few establishments in America that allow smoking inside the hall while playing the game. But not all players enjoy the smoke as players who do not enjoy the smoke find it challenging to enjoy the game without being sick, particularly in poorly ventilated halls.

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